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GLOBAL ARTS (Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices)

Graduate Students (Master / Doctor course)

Announcement of successful applicants:/16 February 2018

Final Successful Applicants (Ph.D)

Schedule Notice:/26 January 2018

Oral Exam(In-person interview)

Advance Announcement:/14 November 2017

About changing method of Implementation of examination admission for Graduate School for Global Arts (Master’s Program) for International Students in 2019 Academic years (Advance Announcement)

Publication:/17 October 2017

Guidance for General, and International Students Entrance Examination (Ph.D. Course)

(2018 Academic Year)

Announcement of successful applicants:/27 September 2017

Final Successful Applicants

Schedule Notice:/06 September 2017

Oral Exam(In-person interview) / Oral Exam(Skype)

Correction: /31 June 2017
The previous version of the Guidance incorrectly printed “Period accepted” on p.5 (2018 Academic Year).
The correct is ” You may register at any time, 24 hours/day, from 10:00 am on July 31
through 11:59 pm on the last dayGuidance for Prospective International Students (2018 Academic Year)*It was posted on the top page on August 2.
Publication:/1 June 2017

Guidance for Prospective International Students (2018 Academic Year)

Notice:/24 April 2017

Entrance Examination Orientation for Global Arts

Notice:/24 April 2017

Submitting a certificate of foreign-language ability to the entrance examination

Announcement of successful applicants:/17 February 2017

Final Successful Applicants

Schedule Notice:/06 February 2017

Oral Exam(In-person interview)/Oral Exam(Skype)

Correction:  /13 January 2017
The previous version of the Guidance incorrectly listed “Reason for application” on p.9 as part of ③Documents to submit I. Please refer to ④Documents to submit II on p. 10 and prepare your statement accordingly. Guidance for Prospective Students (2017 Academic Year)
Skype Examination Request
1. Eligibility to apply 

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2.When to apply

Online applications are accepted in from July to August.
Supplementaly documents are to be accepted in August.
Please see the Guidance for Prospective Students to find out specific dates for the year you are applying.

3. Screening fee

Amount: 36,000 yen
Payment procedure
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4. Documents to submit

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5. Screening method/Examination dates

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6. Announcement Of Results

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