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Guidance for Prospective International Students (2018 Academic Year)

※平成30年度 外国人留学生のための東京藝術大学大学院音楽研究科(修士課程)作曲専攻 入学試験内容の変更について(予告)
Please download and submit the Japanese version of the required documents on the web page below:

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Please don’t submit the English version.

1. Eligibility to apply

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2. When to apply

Online applications and supplemental documents are typically accepted in early January
Please see the Guidance for Prospective Students to find out specific dates for the year you are applying.
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3. Screening fee

Amount: 36,000 yen
Payment procedure
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4. Documents to submit 

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5. Selection method/Examination day 

Screening method
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Examination dates
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6. Announcement Of Results

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