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Thank you for your interest in applying to Tokyo University of the Arts.

The application process differs depending on your student category.
Please see below to find out which application process you need to take.

Students applying to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, and students applying to the Practical Music Course

Application must be made online. Please follow the link below to begin your application process.

In addition, there are supplemental documents you need to mail after completing your online application. Required documents can be downloaded and pinted from the following pages.

Private Students
  • Fine Arts

> Regular Entrance Exam
> Special Entrance Exam for International Students

  • Music

> Regular Entrance Exam
> Special Entrance Exam for International Students

  • Film and New Media

> Regular Entrance Exam

  • Global Arts

> General, and International Students Entrance Examination

MEXT Scholarship Students, Research Students, and Non-degree Students, and students applying for the Special Soloist Program

Application cannot be made online. If you decide to apply to the university, you need to make a written request with a return envelope to receive application documents and submit all required documents by mail. For more information, follow links below.