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MEXT Scholarship students

To those who wish to apply to one of the graduate programs offered by Tokyo University of the Arts as a MEXT scholarship student recommended by a Japanese embassy:

In order to apply to a graduate program offered by Tokyo University of the Arts under the category of MEXT scholarship student, you must have been selected as a preliminary candidate by the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country. Make sure that you submit the digital file (PDF) of your completed application form and supporting documents by e-mail.

If you need to turn in any material that cannot be sent via email, please contact the Student Affairs Division, International Exchange Section in advance at the email address provided in Section 2.

Applications submitted after the designated deadline will not be accepted.

【Note】 Please inquire how to apply for the MEXT scholarship students of the Japanese embassy/consulate general in your country. The university can’t answer inquiries about the applications or deadline of application for the first selection since the Japanese embassy/consulate general conducts it.

1.Documents to be submitted
  1. A packet containing copies of the following application forms submitted to the Japanese embassy/consulate general for the first screening (that have been stamped by the Japanese embassy/consulate general)

①Application Form

②Field of Study and Research Plan

③Academic transcript for all academic year of university attended

④Certificate of graduation or degree certificate of the university attended

⑤Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the academic advisor at the current or last university attended

⑥Medical Certificate

⑦Abstracts of these (*Only if submitted to the Japanese embassy/consulate general)

⑧Certificate of language proficiency (*Only if submitted to the Japanese embassy/consulate general)

⑨Recommendation letter from the present employer (*Only if submitted to the Japanese embassy/consulate general)

⑩Photograph(s) showing applicant’s own works of art or a digitally recorded media of musical performance (*Only if submitted to the Japanese embassy/consulate general)

2. If you wish to apply to the faculty of Fine Arts or Music, make sure you check the following list and submit the  additional required documents to the address given below.

→List of documents to be submitted

*All documents must be written in Japanese or English. Otherwise, please attach an English or Japanese translation. Some programs require that documents be prepared in a specific language. Please follow the instructions that can be found in the List of documents to be submitted.

3.Personal statement: Make sure you mention the name of the supervisor with whom you wish to study. (digital file (the format does not matter))

*If you have not decided on your potential supervisor yet, make sure you refer to the following website, check the information and indicate the name of the supervisor with whom you wish to study. It is not a requirement to contact the supervisor and obtain approval in advance. (Japanese only) (Source: Japan Science and Technology Agency)


4.  Questionnaire for Preparatory Japanese Language Program


5. Copy of a Passing Certificate of the First Screening issued by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General



Student Affairs Division, International Exchange Section:

Please email with ‘MEXT Scholarship Application’ in the subject line.

3.Application deadline

August 25, 2023 23:59 JST (Japan time)

 4.Important information
  1. The Educational Affairs office of the graduate school of your choice will inform you of whether you have been accepted or not by email about one month after receiving your application. Please refrain from making inquiries regarding the results of the screening. Once you have received a letter notifying you of the results (“Letter of Acceptance”), please submit it to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General as soon as possible.
  2. Those who have been accepted as a MEXT scholarship student (embassy recommendat ion) will begin their studies at Tokyo University of the Arts as a Research Student (non regular student). If you wish to be enrolled as a regular degree-seeking student in a Master or Doctoral course , you are required to take and pass the entrance examina tion. Some graduate schools/departments require Japanese language proficiency as an examination subject or a document required for application (written and oral examination in Japanese, language ability assessment, submission of a Japanese Language Profici ency Test (JLPT) certification results and score certificate of a designated level by department, etc.). The applicants should confirm their eligibility to apply regarding the required level of Japanese language proficiency listed on the application guidelines for the graduate school/department of their choice when considering applying for a regular course at the graduate school. Please note that your application isn’t accepted if you can’t meet the eligibility to apply.